April 2022: Thank you for your huge interest in this project! While still working on the new dashboard, I have temporarily disabled new sign-ups as there are more than 1.200 pending. I am confident to say that the new dashboard will be launched this month. Meanwhile, feel free to join the Discord to stay up to date.

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Music ID
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Music ID for Twitch lets your viewers know what songs are currently playing on your stream. It is provided as a service - no local software needed.

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TwitchMusicID: KontorRecords is currently playing "Calling (Lose My Mind)" by Alesso → stream it here:

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No Installers

Music ID for Twitch is provided as a Service! This means, that you don't have to download or install any software.



The goal is to make cool tech and to make it accessible for anyone. We know the struggles of just starting out. :)



Do you want the bot to have a custom name or any special commands for your channel? Feel free to contact us!

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